Café Menu for POS Terminal

The Epos Freedom Epos Terminal has a Browse feature that allows you to arrange your products and departments into a hierarchy for easy navigation. It’s ideal for all types of business particularly for restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. You can access the Browse menu at any time by clicking the Browse button in the toolbar on the right hand side of the pos screen. If you wish you can also set up your till to work in browse mode all the time so that as each item is entered onto a transaction the browse menu appears again to prompt for the selection of the next item.


Setting Up Browse Mode as the Default Input Method:

Select the ‘Till Menu’ from the toolbar on the right hand side of the POS screen, and then select ‘POS Configuration’ followed by ‘Edit POS General Parameters’:

In the screen that appears select ‘Browse Screen’ from the ‘Input Screen’ drop-down, and then click the Save button.

Once the screen returns to the Configuration Menu press F5 in order to refresh your browser.


Your till will operate in browse mode by default from now on. When in this mode you need to close the browse screen when you are ready to pay clicking the red cross in the corner of the screen to reveal the Payment button:


To return the system to its original state (i.e. to prompt for SKU number or barcode input) set the value of the ‘Input Screen’ parameter to ‘SKU Entry’. Related Articles: Inputing an Item – Getting Started Guide Cafe menu – Epos Freedom Forum

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