Windows 8 – the cloud is coming!

Windows 8 - the ultimate operating system for the cloud?

Windows 8 was released to manufacturing on the 15th of August. This new incarnation of Microsoft’s flagship operating system integrates tightly with the cloud, allowing users to take advantage of some pretty nifty features. For example, you can login to your computer using your Windows Live account. This synchronises your data and settings.

In our view the Windows 8 interface is perfect for a touch screen epos system, with its large buttons that launch apps or access the conventional desktop. Windows 8 is fast, lighter and feels ultra-modern, with a cloud-based approach . It seems likely that the cloud features are going to increase over time.

Epos Freedom’s commitment to a free cloud epos system aligns itself with these latest developments in cloud computing, allowing users to take advantage of reduced costs, advanced epos features, secure access from any location, and complete security of your data.

Epos Freedom provide a cloud-based epos system that gives you all the functionality you need to run a successful retail business. Why not contact us to discuss how your business can take advantage of the latest Cloud technology now?

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