Choosing an Epos System? It’s a no-brainer!

Cloud Epos Systems

Deciding on Epos software is an important decision for your business. In choosing your system you will inevitably consider:

System Functionality – You need to carefully weigh-up each system’s features and try to find the system that is the best match for your business’s requirements.

Your confidence in the software vendor – Do you trust them to look after your business? Have they provided systems for similar businesses to yours? Is their support expedient? Do they operate in the same time zone as you so that they are on hand when you need them?

The Cost – Most likely this is at the top of your list. The hardware can be a significant investment, however if you have a small store you might decide to use an existing laptop which you can supplement with a low-cost barcode scanner and receipt printer.

The software investment can also be considerable. Traditionally Epos systems are sold on the basis that you have to buy the software up front: This is a massive investment and you will be fully committed to the product. If you don’t get on with it or your situation changes then you are stuck with that software and you cannot even sell it on.

Alternatively, if you decide on a cloud-based epos system with its ‘pay as you go’ approach you can easily change to another vendor, and you can scale the amount of licenses you need up and down instantly.

At Epos Freedom we make it easy for you to move on (but of course we hope that you don’t!) by giving you your data if you ask for it. With our cloud epos system there is no huge investment – there’s even an entry level free epos system.

Why tie yourself down and tie up valuable cash when you don’t need to? Talk to Epos Freedom today and find out how we can make your Epos decision a ‘no-brainer’.

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