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To finish a sale click the Payment button in the action panel:
After clicking payment the action panel then prompts you for a Payment Type:
Click a payment icon, and a proposed amount (the outstanding that is outstanding) appears with a Green Tick:
If the amount is correct then click the Green Tick or press Enter. The payment types available in the POS are defined by you in the RMS. Please refer to ‘Till Payment Types’ in the Epos Freedom Manual.

Split Payments

If a customer wishes to pay by two or more payment types then you can override the value of the first payment method (and then click the green tick). Choose another payment method and you will be prompted for the balance. There is no limit to the number of payment types that can be used on a transaction.

POS Transactions – Summary

As you can see, operating the POS is very simple. It has a very intuitive user interface and users require very little training before they become fully competent. There are many additional features that are available in the POS and not all of them are applicable to every kind of business. Please see the full user guide for details of Deposit/Orders, Multibuys, Account Sales, Special Pricing, Loyalty Cards, and many more features. As well as the POS program that runs on your cash registers, you also need to access the RMS (Retail Management System) in order to monitor and configure your POS. This system is introduced in the next section.
Getting Started Guide – Page 6 of 8

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