Managing the POS from the Back Office

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The Back Office system to Epos Freedom’s POS is the ‘RMS’ which stands for ‘Retail Management System’. The RMS allows you to manage all aspects of your Epos Freedom system including Stock Control and Purchase Ordering. You also monitor and maintain your POS system from the RMS. Go to the RMS Demo system URL that was emailed to you when you activated your system, or refer to Step 1 of this Getting Started Guide. You can access your RMS using the email address of your primary user along with the password that was emailed to you when you activated your system. On logging into the RMS you immediately see a graph of your turnover for the current week (compared with the equivalent week of the previous year).
To explore the transactions in further detail select:
POS Manager> Till Sessions
This screen shows all sessions that have been opened in your POS system, with the most recent at the top.
This table shows all the sessions that exist for your POS system. A ‘session’ is a batch of transactions that occur between each Cashing Up of a POS terminal. In the above example sessions are still open for till 1, 2 & 3 at store 7. There are 5 graphics with links. Click these links to explore, and you will see various reports breaking the sales figures down by Department, Payment Type, and Salesperson, along with a complete list of the transactions (with facilities to print copies of receipts), and also copies of any till reconciliations and drawer checks carried out on this terminal.
Getting Started Guide – Page 7 of 8

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