Loading the POS for the First Time

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Using the Test POS URL (, key in your Retailer ID Key if prompted, and then login using the following details: UserID: tillop1 Password: tillop1 (This user ID and password is set up by default in the system. When using your live system it is essential that your create new users and delete the default users.) Each physical computer that you use to run the POS has to be identifiable by a unique POS terminal number. It is important that your POS terminals are individually numbered so that the transactions and cash drawer contents can be identified with a specific computer. The first time that you load a POS terminal the system ascertains that your computer has not previously been used, and will allocate a store number and POS terminal number to it. These will be allocated sequentially, so the first POS terminal will always be ‘1’, and the second will be ‘2’, etc. You will see a dialogue box confirming your POS terminal number. Note the number and click ‘Ok’. You are now ready to commence a test transaction. On loading the till for the first time you will see that the screen has a large keyboard in the centre. This is for touch screens and this can be turned off if not required. This is surrounded by three major panels:
Epos Freedom Till Screen

Epos Freedom Till Screen – click to enlarge

Receipt Panel This shows a preview of the current transaction’s receipt and lists all of the items on a sale. These items can be clicked to edit the lines if required. Action Panel This is the part of the screen that always prompts you for input. Toolbar This is on the right hand side of the screen and contains various menu options
Getting Started Guide – Page 3 of 8

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