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You can input an item on a POS terminal using one of 5 methods: • Quick Codes • Browse Pages • Searching by Description • Scanning a Barcode • Entering a SKU number (if you know it)
SKU Numbers

Each stock item in your Epos Freedom system is referred to as a ‘SKU’. This is short for ‘Stock Keeping Unit’. These are the individual items that you can stock control within the system. They usually have a barcode associated with them, and always have a unique code (either one that you define or one that is generated by the system) called the SKU number.)

When an item is added to a sale it appears listed in the Receipt Panel:

The total of the transaction and the number of items is updated accordingly:

The 5 different methods for inputting an item are described below:

1- Selecting a Quick Code

Quick Codes are a small selection of SKUs that you want to conveniently place on one page for easy access. This is useful for items that are not easy to scan. The demo database has a few items set up here. Click the Quick Codes icon on the top right hand side of the page.
On selecting Quick Codes a selection of products appears. Select a product by clicking its image or its ‘Add’ button.

2 – Selecting a Product Using the Browse Page

The browse page presents a web-style interface with which you can navigate to and select items. By defining your own hierarchy of categories, and assigning them to products you can create a very user-friendly graphical way to search for your items. (Setting up the browse pages is defined in section 2.4.1 of the Epos Freedom Manual)

3 – Search by Description

Searching by description is another simple way of locating a product. Simply key in a search phrase and then click the magnifier symbol:
Then a popup list of search results appears:
Simply click on the item you require from the list and it will be added to the sale.

4 – Scan a Barcode

For a fast and efficient Point of Sale in your store, barcodes are the best method of inputting merchandise. If you have a barcode scanner connected you can scan items into the sale immediately.

5 – Enter a SKU number

If you know a SKU number of an item you can enter the number in the till screen. Try entering few items into the POS screen to test out the 5 different methods of input.
Getting Started Guide – Page 4 of 8

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