About Us

When designing Epos Freedom we wanted to provide a simple EPOS system that could run on cash registers, on all kinds of PCs and on handheld devices like PDAs and iPhones. We noticed that many proprietary systems involve a high initial cost, which effectively retains custom as users want to make their capital investment pay. Many systems also make existing data difficult to export for alternative purposes or for backup and migration. Epos Freedom is uniquely scalable and liberating. It can be used in a market stall on a smart phone or across a large chain retailer trading from multiple locations.

Epos Freedom is secure, safe and reliable. We have extensive technical competence and considerable retail experience and have used these to bring you an EPOS system that’s dependable and hugely flexible.

Epos Freedom was founded by Darren Ilston and Barry Godfrey:

Barry Godfrey CEO

Barry has many years experience of retail business and accountancy that stretch back to the 1980s. He started in the family retail business when he was 22 by choosing and implementing an EPOS system for use across its two stores of the time. This was well ahead of most other companies at the time, when the standard practice was still manual inventory and stock management. This decision enabled the company to optimise its inventory during the difficult years of high interest rates during the late 1980s and early 1990s. As similarly difficult economic times bite, Barry knows the benefits that good EPOS systems can bring retailers to maximise their ROI and ensure their continued success.

Barry has worked extensively with three different EPOS systems, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses. He has very clear ideas on what features make such systems a success. His business oversees multiple brands and covers numerous retail outlets.

No stranger to the world of study, Barry gained an MBA in 2004 from the University of East Anglia and was awarded a distinction. His paper on Entrepreneurship gained him the title of Chartered Management Institute Student of the Year. His studies highlighted the need for independent retailers to collaborate in order to compete more effectively. He has extended these ideas into concrete benefits of Epos Freedom, which enables retailers to use a low cost EPOS system and to benefit from a larger data pool than they might otherwise have access to.

Barry’s study, experience and knowledge of different EPOS systems have led to the development of Epos Freedom and its many innovative, time saving features. It requires minimal management by the retailer and yet offers a fast and reliable service at low cost. It can automatically generate purchase orders and provides speedy reporting. Time saving innovations include the ability to upload CSV product files, easy price updating and simple promotions maintenance. Take advantage of Barry’s research and market experience and make Epos Freedom your EPOS system.

Darren IlstonTechnical Director

Darren is a Microsoft Award Winner and Certified Data Forensic Examiner. He has been working with computers and the internet since 1993 when he helped set up one of the first Internet Service Providers in Britain. He has extensive technical experience and provided specialised knowledge of UNIX to a number of internet start-ups in the 1990s.

Since 1995 Darren has been technical director of an internet service provider that specialises in business services. He became sole owner of this in 2002 and provides bespoke services to corporate clients. His current technical focus is on computer security and forensics. His knowledge and skill has been used by the police to help collect evidence and by clients to secure and protect their networks. Darren brings this technical expertise and experience to Epos Freedom.